Comment on F. William Engdahl’s article about the dollar by Valerie Bugault

By Valerie Bugault

This article confirms, with a few exceptions, what I also have always defended. But it does not explain why the dollar as a world currency must fall. (For my explanation look at

On the other hand, I believe the writer is confusing the causes and the effects concerning the election of Trump, via the Cambridge Analytica leads.  Because Trump was “democratically elected” precisely to serve as a screen and public and political justification for the fall of the dollar-world currency;  decision taken previously and long ago by central bankers.  Trump actually serves only to transform the role of the Fed into a single US central bank, that is to say the only “service” of the US economy.  The term “service” here is somewhat inappropriate because it is the central bankers who are the masters and the “States” who are at their service.

The Fed will lose its status as a world bank (which manages the world’s currency), which will fall to the BIS and the IMF.

Of course, for its part, Lagarde will be responsible, in the EU, to accompany this change in the world currency.  All for the greater interest of the central bankers.

Finally, I repeat since the beginning of the rumors about the birth of the Libra, considered from the beginning as a basket of currencies, that it is an experiment decided by the world bankers to test in vivo the technical capacity to make  to circulate globally a totally dematerialized currency.  The Libra prefigures the DTS world currency.