Clelia Renesi: In times of awakening, now Greece would burn with anger and indignation (pics)

Aug 24, 2023

In total, 93 new forest fires broke out in the last twenty-four hours, with the Fire Brigade fighting in 14 difficult fire fronts, among them those of Alexandroupoli, Fyli, Aspropyrgos, Rodopi, Fthiotida and Viotia.

In Attica, the fire is at the foot of Mount Parnitha, while the fire in Evros is raging uncontrollably.

Clelia Renesi commented on the fiery nightmare that Greece is experiencing through a long post on Instagram.

The actress is outraged at the state of affairs every summer, with the country going up in flames and fortunes being lost in a matter of seconds.

Her post in detail

When the whole country burns, we have dead people, thousands of acres of ash, virgin forests, countless animals, poison and smoke over the whole country and the MASS MEDIA play their normal program, then you know for sure that there has been a coup and we have a normal DICTATORSHIP . In times of awakening, now Greece would burn with anger and indignation. You have plundered what our grandparents left for us. From the trees they planted, from the villages they gave birth to, from the fields they harvested, from the values ​​they passed on to us, from the dreams they instilled in us. The country is under the occupation of a gang of irresponsible dangerous arrogant people who only stand in front, cement monuments and lives, and bless you with a growth of €500 a month and more.

We are more alone and helpless than ever.

It’s our fault. Why don’t we have a community, we don’t have a voice, solidarity, why we are not a group, why we didn’t become a gang. Gang of law and love.

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