Greece: The opposition criticizes Mitsotakis and the ND party for the unprecedented catastrophe

SYRIZA-PS is asking for a debate in Parliament at the level of political leaders, as soon as possible, on the prevention and treatment of forest fires, the planning of civil protection and the resilience of the country against the consequences of the climate crisis.

The decision was taken after a discussion in the Presidium of the SYRIZA-PS parliamentary group. According to the press release of the party, “the meeting expressed the grief of SYRIZA – PS for the loss of our fellow human beings and the intense concern for the extremely critical situation on the fronts of the fire and the huge environmental disaster. The inadequacy and incompetence of Mr. Mitsotakis to face once again the fires in a timely and effective manner, has as a result the country, from end to end, is faced with unprecedented conditions, which require the immediate mobilization of forces and the strengthening of the state apparatus.”

From its side, the Communist Party (KKE) has pointed out that:

“The death of dozens of uprooted fellow human beings, who were found charred in the forest of Dadia, is a horrible multi-death crime, which shatters any government justifications that the protection of human life is at the “core of planning”, the Communist Party of Greece emphasizes in a statement , on the occasion of the unspeakable tragedy that occurred in Evros.

The KKE adds that “those charred in the Evros are added to the long list of refugees and migrants who lose their lives on their journey of uprooting, forced to take the most dangerous routes to avoid the repression and confinement imposed by EU policy and of governments”.

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Αt the same time, ΚΚΕ notes that “the explosive mixture of the anti-immigration policy and the complete lack of prevention and anti-fire planning, only breeds new tragedies, for which the people, Greeks and immigrants, pay the heaviest price”.

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