Burlotto at the gas station of the son of the murdered Yannis Skaftouros

Murders of people they have employed the Department for the Prosecution of Extortionists and the Department for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Life of the Attica Security, with links to the Greek Mafia and murdered businessmen in the fuel sector who had past criminal involvements in cases of the “night” and the arson at a gas station of the interests of the son of the victim of a mafia execution inside his house in Dervenochoria show new settlement of accounts and death contracts.

From Nadia Alexiou
Jun 13.2023

The gas station in Aspropyrgos which was targeted by armed arsonists in the early hours of Saturday was the continuation of the murderous crescendo after the double murder of Vassilis Roubetis and his brother-in-law Dionysis Mouzakitis at dawn on Wednesday in Korydallos.

The four armed men were surprised and immobilized the guard with Kalashnikov assault rifles. They then set fire to barrels parked in an adjacent area gas station owned by his son “Uncle Joe” of the Greek Mafia, murdered in Dervenochoria Yannis Skaftourou. He was together at his father’s home when he and one more person accompanied the minor children of the family in the playground a short distance away, when the perpetrators surprised the engagement table and shot Yannis Skaftouros, while he was trying to protect thea weak members of his family. He continued his father’s business and fuel business.

According to the security guard’s testimonyfour attackers in helmets and gloves who were riding on two motorcycles, under the threat of Kalashnikovs drove the two employees inside the gas station and then himself, who was lying in a truck. The assailants then surrounded the two parked tankers with fuel canisters and set fire to them.

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An explosion occurred from the fire and the fire spread to six parked vehicles, including two tanks and a passenger car, which were completely destroyed. Scale of TEEM and strong force of the Fire Department with 21 firefighters and seven fire engines went to Aspropyrgos to extinguish the fire and managed to bring it under control, while they avoided the consequences from the expansion in space.

The police officers of the Extortion Prosecution Department they estimate that it is motivated by conflicting interests from rival camps active in trafficking and exploitation of contraband fuel, with the actions of the last few days activating a new cycle of blood in the domestic mafia. It is noted that to date more than 25 dead people with a heavy criminal record and case files that have from time to time occupied the Extortion Prosecution Department of the Attica Security are among the victims of the Greek Mafia.

According to the investigators of the Prosecution of Extortionists, the arson at the gas station is attributed to a mob attack. A clear message – for those who can decode it – after the murder of “Uncle Joe” of the Greek Mafia Skaftouros the Easter of 2022 but also the last bloody one act with the double murder of “Tarifa” Vassilis Roubetis and his brother-in-law with the nickname “Nionios” Dionysis Mouzakitis, who belonged to his close group.

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