Bolivia and Israel, the superpower hidden behind the US

Bolivia Renews Diplomatic Ties with Israel

30 November, 2019

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has welcomed Bolivia’s decision to restore relations with Israel.

Ties were severed on Jan. 14, 2009 following Israel’s Operation Cast Lead on the Gaza Strip.

Bolivian Foreign Minister Karen Longaric made the announcement in a meeting with foreign reporters, without giving a date for the reestablishment of ties.

However, Katz said that the “Foreign Ministry has been working for a long time directly as well as through mediation of the Brazilian president to promote the renewal of relations.

“The resignation of President (Evo) Morales, who was hostile to Israel, and his replacement with a friendly administration, has enabled the process to come to fruition.”

Bolivia designated Israel a ‘terrorist’ state in objection to the war on Gaza in July 2009. Back then, Morales said Israel’s operation was evidence on its disrespect for life and basic rights.

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