Armenia Warns Clashes With Azerbaijan Could Escalate Into War

Posted on Categories Armenia warned on Wednesday that fresh clashes with Azerbaijan could escalate into a full-scale war and called for more global attention on the situation.
“There is a clear risk,” Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Paruyr Hovhannisyan told Reuters when asked if the situation could turn into another war. “You know how fragile the situation is in our region. The situation as we just mentioned continues to escalate.”
Armenia said that the fighting started when Azerbaijan started shelling Armenian military positions. For their part, the Azeris claim they were responding to sabotage on the border and attacks on their military.
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Armenia, Azerbaijan trade blame over armed border clashes

Sep 14, 2022
New clashes erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia on Wednesday as international peace efforts intensified a day after the former Soviet republics saw their deadliest violence since 2020 in which hundreds have died.
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told parliament that his small, landlocked country had appealed to the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization to help it restore its territorial integrity.
“If we say that Azerbaijan has carried out aggression against Armenia, it means that they have managed to establish control over some territories,” Russia’s Tass agency quoted him as saying.
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Israel’s Role in the Second Armenia-Azerbaijan War and Its Implications for the Future

For a quarter of a century, Israel and Azerbaijan have maintained deep strategic cooperation that touches on national security issues of the highest importance to both sides. The defense relationship goes far beyond arms sales and technology transfer, including cooperation on the establishment of Azerbaijan’s indigenous defense industry. In the 2020 war, Azerbaijan demonstrated an innovative use of Israeli arms and the integration of Turkish and Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as a novel uses of UAVs. The war set the stage the return of open cooperation between Turkey and Israel and renewal of exchange of ambassadors. Moreover, Israel’s cooperation with Azerbaijan has endowed it with “soft power” among ethnic Azerbaijanis in Iran, who form one-third of the Islamic Republic’s population.
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Why Azerbaijan is a pivotal ally of Israel

Not too long ago, I visited Azerbaijan, where I had the honor of witnessing how the Azerbaijani people proudly waved the Israeli flag in appreciation to the Jewish state for the military, medical and other humanitarian assistance that the State of Israel provided to Azerbaijan following the Second Karabakh War. Indeed, given the strong historical friendship between the State of Israel and Azerbaijan, this should not surprise anyone.
Azerbaijan is one of the few countries that is anti-Semitism free and has enjoyed diplomatic relations with the Jewish state since the former Soviet republic obtained independence in the 1990’s. Following the Abraham Accords, Azerbaijan opened up a Tourism and Trade Office in Tel Aviv, which has further strengthened the ties between Israel and Azerbaijan. And I am awaiting the day when we will finally have an operational Azerbaijani Embassy in Israel.
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