Anybody staying home? “Frexit” after the “Brexit”  

 by David Heikal
In all Europe it is becoming more and more obvious that European Union has entered into a deep crisis. Its institutions are working against the interests of separate nations, sometimes, they even work to destroy them (!), as it happens now with Greece. The Union is no more promising even the most elementary solidarity between its members. Without an elementary solidarity, no Union, European or Martian for that matter, can exist for a long time. 
Traditionally Europe was understood as a vehicle to improve prosperity of all. Now it has become a “machine” to destroy, country after country, social achievements of many decades, like it happened in South Europe and now in France, provoking these days huge mobilizations by citizens and the youth and eliminating the chances of President Hollande to win another election. Europe was “sold” to the citizens as a way for Europe to become independent, facing the challenges of globalization. Now it is clear the Union works rather as a vehicle of globalization. 

JeanPierre Chevènement, speaking to the Talk of “Figaro”, has said that a new President or government could maybe call for a new referendum to define relations with EU. He again citicized the euro for the problems of the country

But the veteran French politician is not alone. An astonishing 53% of French citizens are supporting a referendum on Frexit (exit from the EU!)
The crisis of legitimacy of EU is developing much faster than the answers and the projects of European politicians, even those who are Eurosceptics or hostile to the Union.
But if more and more people do not like the (really existing) European integration, not many people will tell you much on what situation would prevail on the continent and what project or projects could replace the existing ones. Sometimes, one has the impression that even the discussion about euro or the EU, is also a way to avoid discussing what to do for instance with globalization and the world domination of the markets.