500 Victims in a Single Strike: Israel Bombs Christian Hospital in Gaza

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza: over 500 Palestinian civilians and medical staff have been killed in the Israeli strike on a Palestinian hospital.Earlier, the Ministry of Health in the Strip said that a “preliminary estimate of 200 to 300 martyrs” have been killed in a single Israeli strike on a hospital in Gaza.

The number, however, seems to be rapidly growing, with some people putting the estimates of dead and wounded at thousands.

The Al-Ahli Hospital, previously known as Al-Mamadani, has hosted thousands of fleeing Gaza civilians, who escaped the intense Israeli bombardment of their towns and refugee camps throughout the Strip.


The Ahli hospital is supported by the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and has served a critical role throughout the years in providing urgent medical care for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday, an Israeli airstrike hit the hospital’s Diagnostic Cancer Treatment Center.

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