What Sanctions Do (Korea, Iraq, Serbia etc.)

US sanctions add pessimism to Korean Peninsula

Published: 2017/11/22
The US Treasury Department on Tuesday imposed new unilateral sanctions on North Korea. Among those targeted were four Dandong-based companies and one Chinese individual.
The sanctions were imposed a day after the US announced the re-listing of North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, showing the Trump administration’s determination to carry out extreme sanctions against North Korea.
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North Korea says sanctions hurting women, children

GENEVA (Reuters) – North Korea said on Wednesday it was working to uphold women’s rights and gender equality but that sanctions imposed by major powers were taking a toll on vulnerable families.
Han Tae Song, ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations in Geneva, also urged South Korea to return 12 waitresses “kidnapped” while working in China in April 2016, calling it a “crime against humanity”.
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Treasury’s Mnuchin: China may face new sanctions on North Korea


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Tuesday that if China doesn’t follow the United Nations sanctions approved on North Korea, he will seek new financial sanctions on Beijing to cut off access to the U.S. financial system.
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Trump to weigh more aggressive U.S. strategy on Iran


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump is weighing a strategy that could allow more aggressive U.S. responses to Iran’s forces, its Shi‘ite Muslim proxies in Iraq and Syria, and its support for militant groups, according to six current and former U.S. officials.
The proposal was prepared by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, national security adviser H.R. McMaster and other top officials, and presented to Trump at a National Security Council meeting on Friday, the sources said.
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US Sanctions Are Genocidal | Interview with Ramsey Clark

Published on Sep 17, 2013

Abby Martin speaks with former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, discussing Iraq before the first Gulf War, his opinions on Syria, why he legally represented Saddam Hussein, and how US sanctions have a far greater negative effect on people than on the regimes of the countries these sanctions target
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The role of sanctions in the destruction of Yugoslavia (excerpt

By Richard Becker
“The one who chooses this economic, peaceful, quiet, lethal remedy will not have to resort to force. It is not such a painful remedy. It doesn’t take a single human life outside the country exposed to boycott, but instead subjects that country to a pressure that, in my view, no modern nation can withstand.”
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, speaking on economic sanctions in Versailles, France, 1919
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