Turkey intimates willingness to seize Greek islands

Anadolu Agency
June 7, 2022

‘Greece’s illegal militarization of Aegean islands could put their sovereignty in question’

Greece’s militarization of islands in the eastern Aegean Sea is a violation of longstanding international treaties, and the continuation of this violation calls the islands’ sovereignty into question, Türkiye’s top diplomat said Tuesday.

“The sovereignty of the islands will be questioned if (Greece) does not end its violation,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a joint news conference in the Turkish capital Ankara alongside his North Macedonian counterpart Bujar Osmani.

Türkiye is resolved to discuss and question the sovereignty of those islands if Greece does not end its violations, Cavusoglu said.

Also decrying Athens’ lobbying against Türkiye’s efforts to get F-16 jets from the US, Cavusoglu said this move is against the solidarity of the NATO alliance….

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