Tunisia labour union rejects Saied power grab, widening opposition

By Tarek Amara and Angys McdowallSep 24, 2021

TUNIS, Sept 24 (Reuters) – Tunisia’s influential labour union on Friday rejected key elements of President Kais Saied’s seizure of near total power and warned of a threat to democracy as opposition widened against a move his foes call a coup.

Saied this week brushed aside much of the 2014 constitution, giving himself power to rule by decree two months after he sacked the prime minister, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority. read more

The crisis has endangered the democratic gains that Tunisians won in a 2011 revolution that triggered the “Arab spring” protests and has also slowed efforts to tackle an urgent threat to public finances, worrying investors.

Saied has said his actions are needed to address a crisis of political paralysis, economic stagnation and a poor response to the coronavirus pandemic. He has promised to uphold rights and not become a dictator.

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