To Instigate Against Taliban CNN Claims Contradiction Where None Is Evident

August 23, 2021

The ‘western’ media are pushing for a continued war on Afghanistan or, if that is not possible, for putting devastating sanctions onto its people.

To diminish Afghanistan potential is part of the continuing hostility. The evacuation of Afghanistan’s ‘western’ affiliated professional elite should be seen in that light.

There is no evidence that more than a handful of the people now being lifted out of Kabul are under threat. To justify their evacuation requires to publish horror stories about the Taliban.

CNN comes up with this one:

Taliban issue death sentence for brother of Afghan translator who helped US troops, according to letters obtained by CNN

The Taliban have sentenced the brother of an Afghan translator to death, according to letters obtained by CNN, accusing him of helping the US and providing security to his brother, who served as an interpreter to American troops.

The letters are just one example of how the Taliban are directly threatening Afghans who worked with the US or are family members of those who have, leaving them scrambling to flee the country in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

“You have been accused of helping the Americans,” the Taliban wrote in the first of three letters to the Afghan man, adding, “You are also accused of providing security to your brother, who has been an interpreter.”

The first letter from the Taliban, which is hand written, orders the man to appear for a hearing.

The second handwritten letter is a notice of his failure to appear for the hearing.

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In the third letter, which is typed, the Taliban notify the man that because he rejected previous warnings to stop “your servitude to the invading crusaders” and ignored a subpoena to appear for a hearing, he was “guilty in absentia” and will be sentenced to death. The Taliban delivered the letters within the last three months to the interpreter’s brother, according to the former service member who worked with the interpreter.

“These court decisions are final and you will not have the right to object,” the third letter reads. “You chose this path for yourself and your death is eminent [sic], God willing.”

The letters contradict assurances Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid made at a press conference last week, as the group tries to project a more moderate image to the world.

“Nobody will be harmed in Afghanistan,” Mujahid said. “Of course, there is a huge difference between us now and 20 years ago.”

How please do letters written “within the last three month” contradict a public amnesty guarantee “made at a press conference last week”?

Have the letters arrive after the amnesty was announced? Has the man be arrested or killed? CNN does not claim that. Where then is the contradiction?

Three month ago the Taliban were still fighting the biggest military alliance of the world led by a superpower. In course of that fight they would of course go after those who collaborated with their enemies. But that war is now over. The Taliban won. They have no longer any reason to go after people they could rather use in their country. They explicitly said so:

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I would like to assure all the compatriots, whether they were translators, whether they were with military activities or whether they were civilians, all of them have been important. Nobody is going to be treated with revenge. Both youth who have talents, who have grown up here, who are from this country, we don’t want them to leave. These are our assets, we would like them to stay here, to serve.

In a current interview another Taliban spokesperson repeats that guarantee and points out that those who are now seeking to emigrate from Afghanistan are doing so for purely economic reasons.

We should take the Taliban by their words. That puts them under pressure to stick to them. To accuse them of breaking their own promises without providing evidence for that makes it only more likely that they, at some point, will start doing so.

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