Sunday, 28 November , 2021


Spanish Soap Opera ends in drama

Last September 25th Basque and Galician citizens went to the polls to elect their autonomous parliaments. Some political analysts thought that the elections could be a catalyst for change in the Spanish political situation. The outcome was, more or less, what was expected, but it has had unforeseen consequences: a civil war inside the Spanish

Regional elections in Spain boost PP, further erode opposition Socialists

The conservative Popular Party (PP) reaffirmed its hold on Galicia, where the incumbent premier Alberto Núñez Feijóo won a third term in office with an absolute majority of 41 seats in the regional parliament, representing over 48% of all votes.

Spanish soap opera

On June 26th this year Spanish voters went to the polls to elect a parliament for the second time in six months. The Popular Party won, but it did not get a large enough majority to continue in power.

DiEM debates Greece and Europe – The Aegina international meeting

Yanis Varoufakis speaks to DiEM25 Aegina, 22nd July 2016 Question: What does DiEM 25 mean? YV:  I’ll tell you. For a start we were...

The Spanish election outcome: Brussels will be happy

It would sound strange for a normal democratic country that a party with a long history of major corruption scandals, a party which had implemented an austerity policy that condemns to poverty and precarity millions of citizens, which had enacted laws that seriously erode civil rights, whose government uses police to spy on the opposition parties and fabricate false evidence against them, could win an election. But this seems to be the rule in Spain.

Podemos: reclaiming Europe is a revolutionary slogan

A few days before the elections in Spain, we talk to Jorge Moruno of Podemos about his European strategy and the possibility of building a transnational network of rebel cities.

Could the Left Finally Win in Spain This June?

A new progressive alliance could break the stalemate—but whoever wins will face a hamstrung economy and deep discontent with politicians. By Bécquer Seguín and Sebastiaan...

Spain: Podemos – United Left electoral agreement makes the right wing...

By Jorge Martín On May 9, an electoral unity agreement between United Left and Podemos for the country's June 26 general election was announced....

Left debates Europe: DiEM versus Lexit

By Idar Helle In the theatre building Volksbühne in Berlin Yanis Varoufakis, SYRIZA first finance minister and the Greek frontman in the debt negotiations with...

Spanish parliament against EU-Turkey deal

Acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will go to the European Council on March 17 to defend a position that most of Spanish Congress radically...