Saturday, 1 October , 2022


SILENCE OF THE LEFT regarding Euro-Austerity and T-TIP, by Michael Hudson

The media in the United States have treated the British vote against remaining in the European Union (EU) as if it is populist “Trumpism,” an inarticulate right-wing vote out of ignorance at being left behind by the neoliberal economic growth policy. The fact that Donald Trump happened to be in Scotland

Great Day in European History

No one believed in this victory. Even most of those who led the campaign for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union did not expect that on the morning of June 24, 2016 it would be announced that the majority voted in favor of a break with the Brussels bureaucracy

“Sofia” Club Declaration

“SOFIA” CLUB (All-European Initiative) DECLARATION Never, from the moment of its creation, has the European Union experienced a deeper crisis than today. The European Union, which...

Why We Need To Rewrite The Maastricht Rules

by John Weeks The 1992 Treaty of Maastricht that lay the basis for the euro committed signing governments to several economic targets. Subsequent treaties and...

The organic unity of the imperial (“globalization”) project: Middle Eastεrn wars,...

Speech to the International Conferenece against War and NATO, Rome, 26.10.2015