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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.- Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in...

In part because my father was murdered by an Arab, I've made an effort to understand the impact of U.S. policy in the Mideast and particularly the factors that sometimes motivate bloodthirsty responses from the Islamic world against our country. As we focus on the rise of the Islamic State and search for the source of the savagery that took so many innocent lives


According to some very recent official Syrian sources, last April over 5,000 jihadists entered from the Turkish border, heading for Idlib and Aleppo. They include an undefined – albeit considerable - number of Uyghurs coming from the Chinese Xinjiang. Allegedly the technical and operational support to this new jihad was provided by the Turkish services and special

De l’ antisémitisme a l’ islamophobie

ertains s’indignent que l’on ose comparer les attaques dont les musulmans sont aujourd’hui l’objet à l’antisémitisme d’autrefois. Il ne s’agit bien évidemment pas de la Shoah, auquel cas le parallèle serait effectivement scandaleux. Mais le discours islamophobe qui gagne chaque jour un plus de terrain ressemble en tous points aux théories antisémites qui

Construire un pont entre l’islam et la République

L'islam de France m'a toujours paru être une grande cause nationale. Avec 4,1 millions de fidèles, selon l'Institut national d'études démographiques (INED), il constitue la deuxième religion de France. Certes, tous les immigrés d'origine maghrébine, africaine ou turque, et pour la plupart de nationalité française, ne sont pas musulmans, mais ils le sont

In Death, Mistaken Prospects

Moving forward after the death of Islam Karimov will be difficult and secret services and diplomats around the world will be involved. Uzbekistan is a crucial country in post-Soviet Central Asia and taking control of it, directly or through a third party, will be a move of highly strategic value.

Marine Le Pen pledges Frexit referendum

The leader of France's far-right National Front set the tone for her campaign for the French presidency, calling to fight an Islamist "offensive" and promising to hold a nationwide referendum on European Union membership if she is elected next spring.

Turkey, Let Us Not Celebrate Yet!

So many would like this to happen – to see Turkey go, to leave NATO, to break its psychological, political and economic dependency on the West. Now that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his allies are quarreling with the United States and the EU, there is suddenly great hope that Turkey may thoroughly re-think its position in the world, strengthen its ties

Middle East divides the Empire (a text of unusual clarity)

The West should seek the further weakening of Islamic State, but not its destruction. A weak but functioning IS can undermine the appeal of the caliphate among radical Muslims; keep bad actors focused on one another rather than on Western targets; and hamper Iran’s quest for regional hegemony.

La France intervienne au Moyen-Orient contribuant a la radicalization. Maintnenant, elle...

« Islamisation de la radicalité » ou «radicalisation de l’islam»? C’est pour avoir soutenu que la radicalité des jeunes Occidentaux candidats au djihad préexiste à leur islamisation, qu’Olivier Roy est l’objet d’une âpre controverse. Gilles Kepel lui a en effet récemment consacré dans «Libération» une tribune assassine ironiquement titrée «“Radicalisations” et

Erdogan and Christians

The manner in which Turkish President Erdogan chose to handle the latest developments in Turkey which made the well known conflict between the “ two Worlds” ( The Secular state v. The Islamic) surface again, have , as it is natural, raised concerns regarding these “new” approaches and their consequences in future Turkish public and, to a certain extent, private life .