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US organized Coup d’état in Venezuela. They threaten Caracas with invasion

New Coup Attempt In Venezuela Led by Juan Guaido 23 January 2019 The Venezuelan right-wing, backed by the United States and other right-wing governments in...

Are We Living Under a Military Coup?

by John Grant March 14, 2018 If President Trump is convicted of a crime or is impeached, will he go gracefully like the experienced politician Richard...

Rossides on Kissinger’s Crimes in Cyprus

By Anastasia Balezdrova Original post date: 13 October 2014 The Turkish invasion of Cyprus is former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s tremendous fault and...

Kissinger assasinates Allende inaugurating neoliberalist era

USA kills Chilean President 1973 (Chile 9/11) - Video

“From Memory to Power” March in Chile on the Anniversary of...

With the participation of several political and social organizations and over 200 self-convened people, a march named ‘From Memory to Power’ was held on September 11, 2016, on the anniversary of the military coup. It started at 11 am, at the General Cemetery (a symbol of memory) and ended at the Plaza de Armas square (a historical scenario of rebellion and

Is Venezuela on the Verge of a Another Coup?

Current events in Venezuela and the political opposition’s call for global protests against President Maduro conjure memories of the 2002 coup d’état - a moment marked by violence all too familiar for most Venezuelans. The opposition’s public call for national and international protests slated for September 1st accompanied by transportation strikes in

Brazil – Parliamentary Coup – and the ‘Progressive Media’

What happened in Brazil is just the most horrifying and flagrant illegal foreign-led parliamentary coup that has happened in Latin America since a similar coup, also foreign-led, deposed José Mujica of Uruguay in June 2009.

Three major factors in Turkey’s failed coup

As the heat of the trauma has slowly started to cool down, an analysis of the bigger picture concerning the failed coup attempt of July 15 in Turkey is becoming possible. It is possible to analyze the situation, seemingly unprecedented in the history of coups d’état both on a global and national scale, with reference to three key factors. They are the following:

PKK on Turkey coup: No democracy in ‘fascist’ Erdogan-led government

TeleSur, July 16, 2016 In a statement published on July 16, the political affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the Koma Civakên Kurdistan (Group...

In Turkey, the military coup and the Erdogan coup

By Hasan Cemal The military coup collapsed, was quashed, and this is a very good thing. What about the Erdogan coup? It becomes more ingrained as...