Wednesday, 19 January , 2022

British Left

Leftwingers gather to exchange ideas on a People’s Brexit

November 21, 2018 CAMPAIGNERS will discuss tomorrow how Brexit could deliver for the left as the Tory Party sinks deeper into crisis. With Prime Minister Theresa...

Robin Blackburn: The Corbyn Project

Public Capital and Labour’s New Deal For the first time in its history, the British parliamentary left has a realistic chance of filling the top...

Why Corbyn Won

I don't care if he didn't actually win — he won. Jeremy Corbyn has given us a blueprint to follow for years to come. By Bhaskar...

‘We offer hope,’ Jeremy Corbyn tells readers of NME

The New Musical Express might not be quite the cultural force it was in its 60s and 70s heyday, but Jeremy Corbyn will be...

Castro was ‘champion of social justice’ despite flaws, says Corbyn

On Saturday at the annual Latin America conference, which took place at the TUC’s Congress House, a minute’s silence was observed. The former Respect MP George Galloway spoke of Castro’s legacy after tweeting a picture of himself with the late Cuban leader and declaring: “You were the greatest man I ever met Comandante Fidel. You were the man of the century. Hasta la Victoria Siempre. Orden. RIP.”

Corbyn Must Win Again But It Is Just The Start

The astonishingly draconian steps the party machine has taken to reduce the chance of Corbyn winning are another warning sign. Disenfranchising 130,000 members and purging people left, right and centre — including the general secretary of an affiliated union — is not the behaviour of an establishment that cares about playing fair.

They will do everything against Corbyn!

The real reason for the ludicrous attacks on Corbyn is that the right know they’re losing, says Nick Clark Leading Labour Party figures stepped up their attack on their own membership last week in a bid to rig the leadership election against Jeremy Corbyn. Labour’s general secretary Iain McNicol emailed the party’s national executive committee