Thursday, 28 September , 2023


The World condemns USA – BRICS issue historic joint statement on...

BRICS Issues Joint Statement: Illegal Military Intervention in Syria Is Unacceptable The joint BRICS statement says military action in Syria without authorization from the UN...

Temer government set to overthrow Brazil’s environmental agenda

A catastrophic setback to environmental and indigenous protections was narrowly averted last week when quick action from two federal deputies prevented the agricultural lobby from forcing passage of bills to authorize construction of three mega-industrial waterways in the Amazon and elsewhere.

Rousseff on the US-backed coup in Brazil

Brazil’s Dilma on being betrayed Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff tells Mehdi Hasan her biggest regrets and proudest achievements.      

Wall Street and the Pentagon: Pre-mature Political and Military Ejaculations

Wall Street and the Pentagon greeted the onset of 2016 as a ‘banner year’, a glorious turning point in the quest for malleable regimes willing to sell-off the most lucrative economic resources, to sign off on onerous new debt to Wall Street and to grant use of their strategic military bases to the Pentagon.

The MST leader on the situation in Brazil

We, the Brazilian working class are going through a very difficult moment, especially for the left. We’re coming from a period that we in Brazil call “the decline of political struggles”. Obviously, over the last three years the right managed to accumulate much more strength, because it made an important alliance with conservative sectors of the judicial power and of

Brazil’s Largest Social Movement Occupies Govt for Land Rights

More than 1,000 activists from Brazil’s largest social movement occupied the Ministry of Planning in Brasilia Monday morning to demand authorities address the needs of rural and farming communities. The protest kicked off a three-day national action bringing together thousands of demonstrators fighting for the rights of hundreds of thousands of landless

Brazil, Pandora’s Box is about to open

The upcoming local elections in Brazil are an opportunity to restore democracy and overcome the political crisis. If we do not seize it, Latin America is in for more than a decade of darkness, warns Jean Wyllys

Brazil – Parliamentary Coup – and the ‘Progressive Media’

What happened in Brazil is just the most horrifying and flagrant illegal foreign-led parliamentary coup that has happened in Latin America since a similar coup, also foreign-led, deposed José Mujica of Uruguay in June 2009.

Rousseff Impeachment Trial Marks Complete Reversal of Democracy

Embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is slated to testify today at her impeachment trial—a trial that many are calling a coup by her right-wing political rivals. Rousseff has denounced the proceedings and called for early elections to unite the country. Rousseff’s impeachment stems from accusations she tampered with government accounts to hide a

Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Others Condemn ‘Coup’ in Brazil

Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Susan Sarandon, Arundhati Roy, and 17 other human rights activists, intellectuals, and public figures on Wednesday sent a letter to the Brazilian government condemning the impeachment of the country's President Dilma Rousseff, and demanding that Brazil's senate "respect the October 2014 electoral process