Saturday, 13 July , 2024


Tens of thousands protest against India cash ban

India still reeling from shock decision three weeks ago to pull 86 percent of the currency from circulation overnight. Tens of thousands of people joined...

Australia in the anti-China campaign

The whipping up of a scandal last week against Labor Senator Sam Dastyari for accepting $1,670 from a Chinese company is escalating into a general witchhunt against any politician, business figure or organisation that questions a militarist policy toward Beijing. Dastyari has been branded a “Manchurian candidate.” Across the media, allegations are being made that

Nick Xenophon says PM must listen to voter disquiet over globalisation

ick Xenophon says the Turnbull government is fundamentally misguided if it believes a concerted public advocacy effort can turn around a broad-based electoral backlash against globalisation and free trade.

The forgotten coup in Australia

By John Pilger Across the political and media elite in Australia, a silence has descended on the memory of the great, reforming prime minister Gough...

Doing right by East Timor should be bipartisan policy

Opinion Negotiating a clear boundary between Australia and East Timor would help heal this damaged relationship and give us a stronger moral voice on global...