European Summit on immigration crisis

The Real winner of the Migration Summit is definitely Turkey. The EU leaders seem to depend completely on Turkey’s willpower. The refugee crisis is becoming the number one problem for the people in Europe, a problem which may jeopardize the future of Europe’s leaders. So being in a difficult position they think that a solution even if   a short – term one is essential for their political survival.  As Angela Merkel put it this agreement in principle may lead to a “Breakthrough if implemented”, while she wants this summit to be presented as a personal victory, looking at the next weeks three states election in Germany.

Ahmet Davutoglu offered to take back all immigrants who are entering to Europe through Turkey and in exchange he demanded more economic help which can reach up to 6 billion €, a visa free travel for the Turkish people and to speed the EU membership talks.

On the other hand Europe underestimated the political situation in Turkey, which led the Turkish authorities to  take control of the Zaman newspaper, while the Turkish – Kurdish conflict escalates very dangerously. As the leader of the Kurdish party Selahattin Demirtas said on Bloomberg: “If the war in Turkey continues like this, you’re also going to have refugees from Turkey.”


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