Arm Ukraine – Trump overcomes Obama’s limits

It seems that President Trump was not exactly the friend of Russia and of peace that he portrayed himself to be and many of his friends and supporters around the globe thought he would be, either extremely naive or pretending to be. Now, he decided to give more arms than Obama to the regime the USA have installed in Kiev.
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Trump administration approves lethal arms sales to Ukraine

Correction: A previous version of this blog post incorrectly reported that the Trump administration had approved the first-ever commercial sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine. It stated that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had publicly supported arms sales to Ukraine; Mattis did not explicitly do so. This post has been updated.  

The Trump administration has approved the largest U.S. commercial sale of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine since 2014. The move was heavily supported by top Trump national security Cabinet officials and Congress but may complicate President Trump’s stated ambition to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin.