A List of All 900 U.S. Foreign Military Bases

by Eric Zuesse
17 November 2022

The United States of America, unlike any other nation, maintains a massive network of [exactly 900] foreign military installations around the world.

How was this created and how is it continued? Some of these physical installations are on land occupied as spoils of war. Most are maintained through collaborations with governments, many of them brutal and oppressive governments benefiting from the bases’ presence. In many cases, human beings were displaced to make room for these military installations, often depriving people of farmland, adding huge amounts of pollution to local water systems and the air, and existing as an unwelcome presence.

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U.S. Army Reserve Training Center (American Samoa)

Upolu Island (Western Samoa)

Pago Pago, Tutuila (Western Samoa)

Aruba (Aruba)

Ascension Island Auxiliary Airfield (Ascension )

Alice Springs (Australia )

Area C-HFR, Exmouth, Northwest Cape (Australia)

Kojarena (Australia)

NAVCOMMSTA H E Holt Exmouth (Australia)

Robertson Barracks (Australia)

Tindal Air Base (Australia)

Pine Gap (Australia)

Cockburn Sound (Perth) (Australia)

Woomera Air Station, Nurrungar, S. Aust. (Australia)

Australia (Australia)

Brisbane (Australia)

Woodside (Australia)

Salzburg (Austria)

Linz (Austria)

Vienna (Austria)

Tulin AB (Austria)

AUTEC Golding Cay (Bahamas)

AUTEC Main Base (Bahamas)

AUTEC Salvador Point /or/ NAS Key West FL (Autec Salvador Point) (Bahamas)


Mayaguana (Bahamas)

Bahamas (Bahamas)

NSA Bahrain (Bahrain)

NSA Bahrain-Aviation Unit Muharraq (Bahrain)

NSA Bahrain-Banz Wrhs Compound (Bahrain)

NSA Bahrain-Dependent School (Bahrain)

NSA Bahrain-Mina Sulman Pier Area (Bahrain)

Nsa-Ii (Bahrain)

Sheik Isa Air Base (Bahrain)

NRCC Bahrain (Bahrain)

NSA Bahrain (Bahrain)

Al Jufayr (Bahrain)

ISA Flightline Navy Active Askar (Bahrain)

Brussels (Belgium)

Chateau Gendebien (Belgium)

Chievres AB (Belgium)

Daumerie Caserne (Belgium)

Kleine Brogel Air Base (Belgium)

Mons (Belgium)

Shape Headquarters (Belgium)

Sterrebeek Dependent School (Belgium)

Zutendaal (Belgium)

USAG Benelux (Belgium)

Liege (Belgium)

Mons (Belgium)

Florennes (Belgium)

Gaborone (Botswana)

Aitos Logistics Center (Bulgaria)

Bezmer Air Base (Bulgaria)

Graf Ignatievo Air Base (Bulgaria)

Novo Selo Training Area (Bulgaria)

Ouagadougou International Airport (Burkina Faso)

Navy Med Research Unit 2 (Cambodia)

Garoua (Cameroon)

Maroua (Cameroon)

Douala (Cameroon)

Salak (Cameroon)

Argentia Newfoundland (Canada)

Baffin Island (Canada)

Southampton Island (Canada)

Mingan (Canada)

The Pas (Canada)

Padloping Island (Canada)

Great Falls (Canada)

Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada)

Halifax (Canada)

Argentia (Canada)

Cape Race (Canada)

CFB Comox, Lazo, BC (Canada)

Fox Harbor (Canada)

Massett (Canada)

Montagu (Canada)

Namao (Canada)

Port Hardy (Canada)

Sandspit (Canada)

St. Anthony (Canada)

Williams Lake (Canada)

Goose Bay (Canada)

Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada)

Churchill, Manitoba (Canada)

Labrador, Frobisher Bay (Canada)

Cold Lake (Canada)

N’Djamena (Chad )

Fuerte Aguayo NB, Concón (Chile)

Valpariso, Chile (Chile)

Palanquero AB/Cpt German Olano Moreno AB (Colombia)

Soledad Field, Barranquilla (Colombia)

Tolemaida AB (Colombia)

Larandia (Colombia)

Bahia de Malaga (Colombia)

Tres Esquinas AB (Colombia)

Caldera (Costa Rica)

Liberia (Costa Rica)

Colorado (Costa Rica)

Flamingo (Costa Rica)


Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (Cuba)

Curaçao (Curaçao)

Andreas Papandreou Base, Paphos (Cyprus)

Akrotiri (Cyprus)

NAVSUPPFAC Diego Garcia (Diego Garcia)

Camp Justice NSF Diego Garcia (Diego Garcia)

Camp Lemonnier (Djibouti)

Chabelley Airfield (Djibouti)

Naval Medical Research Unit 3 (Egypt)

Al Farafra Desert (Egypt)

NAVMEDRSCHU Three Cairo Egypt (Egypt)

Qena (Egypt)

Ras Banas (Egypt)

Payne Field, Cairo (Egypt)

Egypt (Egypt)

Comalapa International Airport (El Salvador)

Miraflores (El Salvador)

CEOPAZ Base, Lourdes, Colon (El Salvador)

La Union (El Salvador)

Cuscatlan (El Salvador)

Amari Air Base (Estonia)

Liberville (Gabon)

Port Gentil (Gabon)

Krtsanisi Training Centre (Georgia)

Aukamm Hsg Area (Germany)

Bann Communications Station 2 (Germany)

Barton Barracks (Germany)

Baumholder Airfield (Germany)

Baumholder Family Housing (Germany)

Bitburg FH Annex (Germany)

Bleidorn Family Housing (Germany)

Boeblingen Family Housing (Germany)

Boeblingen Training Area (Germany)

Buechel Air Base (Germany)

Coleman Barracks (Germany)

Crestview Hsg Area (Germany)

Daenner Kaserne (Germany)

Darmstadt Training Center (Germany)

Duelmen Tower Barracks (Germany)

East Camp Grafenwoehr (Germany)

Echterdingen Airfield (Germany)

Egelsbach Transmitter Fac (Germany)

Einsiedlerhof Maintenance Annex (Germany)

Einsiedlerhof Storage Annex (Germany)

Einsiedlerkoepfe Training Annex (Germany)

Freihoelser Tng Area (Germany)

Geilenkirchen Air Base (Germany)

Germersheim Army Depot (Germany)

Grafenwoehr Training Area (Germany)

Grafenwoehr Training Area (Germany)

Gruenstadt AAFES Fac (Germany)

Hohenfels (Germany)

Hohenfels Training Area (Germany)

Hoppstaedten Works (Germany)

Husterhoeh Communication Site (Germany)

Husterhoeh Kaserne (Germany)

Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Kaiserslautern Army Depot (Germany)

Kaiserslautern Equip Spt Ctr (Germany)

Kapaun Administration Annex (Germany)

Kastel Housing Area (Germany)

Katterbach Kaserne (Germany)

Kefurt & Craig Village Family Housing (Germany)

McCully Barracks (Germany)

Miesau (Germany)

Miesau Ammo Depot (Germany)

Moehringen Family Housing (Germany)

Oberammergau NATO School (Germany)

Oberdachstetten Training Area (Germany)

Panzer Kaserne Kaiserlautern (Germany)

Panzer Kaserne Stuttgart (Germany)

Patch Barracks (Germany)

Pfeffelbach Works (Germany)

Pulaski Barracks (Germany)

Ramstein AB (Germany)

Ramstein Storage Annex (Germany)

Rheinblick Rec Annex (Germany)

Rhine Ordnance Barracks (Germany)

Robinson Barracks (Germany)

Robinson-Grenadier Family Housing (Germany)

Sembach Admin Annex (Wing HQ) (Germany)

Sheridan Barracks (Germany)

Shipton Kaserne (Germany)

Smith Barracks (Germany)

South Camp Vilseck (Germany)

Spangdahlem AB (Germany)

Spangdahlem Waste Annex (Germany)

Steuben & Weicht Vil Family Housing (Germany)

Storck Barracks (Germany)

Stuttgart Dependent School (Germany)

Vilseck (Germany)

Vogelweh FH Annex (Germany)

Weilimdorf Warehouse (Germany)

Wetzel Family Housing (Germany)

Wetzel Kaserne (Germany)

Wiesbaden Army Airfield (Germany)

Amberg Fam Hsg (Germany)

Bamberg (Germany)

Bamberg Airfield (Germany)

Bitburg Storage Annex No 2 (Germany)

Aschaffenburg Tng Areas 8 (Germany)

Binsfeld Family Hsg Annex (Germany)

Buedingen Ammo Area (Germany)

Buedingen Army Heliport (Germany)

Camp Oppenheim Tng Area (Germany)

Daley Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Cardwell Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Garmisch Golf Course (Germany)

Gateway Gardens Family Hsg Annex (Germany)

Gelnhausen (Germany)

Enkenbach Water System Annex (Germany)

Edingen Radio Receiver Fac (Germany)

Dautphe Boy Scout Camp (Germany)

Finthen Airfield (Germany)

Fintherlandstr Fam Hsg (Germany)

General Patton Hotel (Germany)

George C Marshall Vil Fam Hsg (Germany)

Giessen (Germany)

Gruenstadt Comm Sta (Germany)

Gut Husum Ammunition Storage Annex (Germany)

Hausberg Ski Area (Germany)

Hill 365 Radio Relay Fac (Germany)

Hochspeyer Ammo Stor Annex (Germany)

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Hommertshausen Girl Scout Camp (Germany)

Idar Oberstein Fam Hsg (Germany)

Jever Air Base (Germany)

Kitzingen (Germany)

Kitzingen Tng Areas (Germany)

Lampertheim Tng Area (Germany)

Kaiserslautern Fam Hsg Annex No 3 (Germany)

Kaiserslautern Water System Annex (Germany)

Landstuhl Family Hsg Annex O3 (Germany)

Landstuhl Maintenance Site (Germany)

Landstuhl Maintenance Site No 2 (Germany)

Langerkopf Rad Rel Site (Germany)

Mannheim Class III Point (Germany)

McArthur Place Fam Hsg (Germany)

Messel Small Arms Range (Germany)

Neubruecke (Germany)

Oberweis Annex (Germany)

Pond Barracks (Germany)

Pruem Air Station (Germany)

Rottershausen Ammo Stor Area (Germany)

Sambach AFN Fac (Germany)

Speicher Family Hsg Annex (Germany)

Sulzheim Tng Area (Germany)

Tiergarten Tng Area (Germany)

Wackernhm-Schwabenwaeldchen TA (Germany)

Warner Barracks Fam Hsg (Germany)

Wiesbaden Small Arms Range (Germany)

Wuerzburg Tng Areas (Germany)

Butzbach Tng Area & Range (Germany)

Ernst Ludwig Kaserne (Germany)

John F Dulles Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Mainz (Germany)

Langen Terrace Fam Hsg Area (Germany)

Aschaffenburg Fam Hsg (Germany)

Boeblingen Range (Germany)

Bensheim Maint and Supply Fac (Germany)

Campo Pond Tng Area (Germany)

Breitenwald Tng Area (Germany)

Illesheim (Germany)

Oftersheim Small Arms Range (Germany)

Hanau (Germany)

Siegenburg Air Range (Germany)

Giebelstadt (Germany)

AG Pub and Tng Aids Ctr (Germany)

Friedberg Tng & Stor Area (Germany)

Schweinfurt Tng Areas (Germany)

Friedrichsfeld Stor Area (Germany)

Babenhausen Family Hsg (Germany)

Armstrong Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Heidelberg Golf Course (Germany)

Pioneer Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Wuerzburg (Germany)

Alvin York Vil Fam Hsg (Germany)

Bremerhaven (Germany)

Coleman Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Bamberg Stor & Range Area (Germany)

Heidelberg Army Heliport (Germany)

Friedrichsfeld QM Service Ctr (Germany)

Roman Way Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Jefferson Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Lincoln Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Flynn Fam Hsg & Tng Areas (Germany)

Kitzingen Family Hsg (Germany)

Landstuhl Heliport (Germany)

Askren Manor Fam Hsg (Germany)

Argonner Kaserne (Germany)

New Argonner Fam Hsg (Germany)

Yorkhof Kaserne (Germany)

Faulenberg Kaserne (Germany)

Wolfgang Kaserne (Germany)

Nathan Hale QM Area (Germany)

American Arms Hotel (Germany)

Hutier Kaserne (Germany)

Rhein Main Air Base (Germany)

Strassburg Kaserne (Germany)

Funari Barracks (Germany)

Hammonds Barracks (Germany)

Grossauheim Kaserne (Germany)

Spinelli Barracks (Germany)

Kelley Barracks-Ger-GE44F (Germany)

Heidelberg Community Sup Ctr (Germany)

Tompkins Barracks (Germany)

Benjamin Franklin Vil Fam Hsg (Germany)

Armstrong Barracks (Germany)

Mark Twain Village Fam Hsg (Germany)

Anderson Barracks (Germany)

Babenhausen Kaserne (Germany)

Wuerzburg Hospital (Germany)

Pioneer Kaserne (Germany)

Kelley Barracks-Ger-GE44E (Germany)

Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne (Germany)

Fliegerhorst Airfield Kaserne (Germany)

Taylor Barracks (Germany)

Kleber Kaserne (Germany)

Larson Barracks (Germany)

Giebelstadt Army Airfield (Germany)

Leighton Barracks (Germany)

Harvey Barracks (Germany)

Ledward Barracks (Germany)

Conn Barracks (Germany)

USAG Stuttgart (Germany)

USAG Ansbach (Germany)

USAG Grafenwoehr (Germany)

USAG Bamberg (Germany)

USAG Schweinfurt (Germany)

USAG Heidelberg (Germany)

Campbell Barracks (Germany)

Landstuhl Hospital (Germany)

USAG Baumholder (Germany)

USAG Darmstadt (Germany)

USAG Hessen (Germany)

USAG Wiesbaden (Germany)

USAG Hohenfels (Germany)

NATO Base Geilenkirchen (Germany)

USAG Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Heidelberg Hospital (Germany)

Dexheim Fam Hsg (Germany)

Dexheim Missile Fac (Germany)

Buechel (Germany)

Leimen (Germany)

Mainz-Kastel Station (Germany)

Hof (Germany)

Landshut (Germany)

Trier (Germany)

Kornwestheim Golf Course (Germany)

Weilerbach (Germany)

Weisskirchen AFN Trans Fac (Germany)

Rheindahlem (Germany)

Seckenheim (Germany)

Accra (Ghana)

NATO Ordnance Area (Greece)

NSA Souda Bay (Greece)

NSA Souda Bay Marathi Pier Area (Greece)

NSA Souda Bay NAMFI Compound (Greece)

Araxos AB (Greece)

Athens/Piraeus (Greece)

Eleusis (HQ 558th Artillery Group) (Greece)

Hellenikon AB, Athens (Greece)

Iraklion AB, Gournes (Greece)

Kato Souli (Greece)

Marathi Pier Area, Chania (Greece)

Nea Makri (Greece)

Larisa Greece (Greece)

Thule Air Base (Greenland)

Thule (Greenland)

Angissoq (Greenland)

Sondrestrom AB, Holdsteinborg (Greenland)

Grondal (Greenland)

Narsarssuak (Greenland)

Frederiksdal (Greenland)

Julianhaab (Greenland)

Ikateq (Greenland)

Scoresbysund (Greenland)

Agana (Guam)

Andersen Administration Annex (Guam)

Andersen AFB (Guam)

Dandan (Guam)

Guam US Army Reserve Center (Guam)

Harmon Substation (Guam)

Naval Hospital (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Apra Heights (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Barrigada (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Finegayan (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Finegayan, South (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Harmon (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Magazine Reservoir, Naval Magazine (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Marbo (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Naval Magazine (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Talofofo (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Water Treatment, Naval Magazine (Guam)

NG Fort Juan Muna (Guam)

NG Guam Barrigada Complex (Guam)

Nimitz Hill (Joint Region Marianas) (Guam)

Santa Rosa Parcel B (Guam)

Sasa Valley Fuel Farm (Guam)

Tanguisson Point (Guam)

Tenjo Vista (Guam)

War Dog Cemetery (Guam)

Apra Harbor, Guam (Guam)

NAVBASE Guam Navy Active Agan (Guam)

Andy South (Guam)

Tumon (Guam)

Barrigada – NSA Andersen (Guam)

Potts Tank Farm (Guam)

Barrigada – NAVBASE Guam (Guam)

Tumon Tank Farm (Guam)

NSA Andersen (Guam)

Magazine Reservoir Naval Magazine (Guam)

Fenwick Pier (Hong Kong )

Mocoron Tropics Region Testing Center (Honduras)

Soto Cano Air Base (Honduras)

El Aguacate (Honduras)

San Pedro de Sula (Honduras)

Soto Cano/Palmerola (Honduras)

Swan Island (Honduras)

Tiger Island (Honduras)

Trujillo (Honduras)

San Lorenzo (Honduras)

Tegucigalpa CIA Safehouse (Honduras)

Puerto Lempira (Honduras)

La Brea (Honduras)

Mocoron (Honduras)

Guanaja (Honduras)

Puerto Castilla (Honduras)

La Venta (Honduras)

Kecskemet Air Base (Hungary)

Papa Air Base (Hungary)

Grindavik, Iceland (Iceland)

Sandgerdhi (Iceland)

Sandur (Iceland)

Stokknes (Iceland)

Al Asad AB, Anbar (Iraq)

Besmaya Range Complex (Iraq)

Abu Ghraib (Iraq)

Camp Taji (Iraq)

Al Taqqadum, Eastern Anbar (Iraq)

Camp Baharia (Iraq)

Victory Base Complex (Iraq)

Camp Victory (Iraq)

Camp Banzai (Iraq)

FOB Grizzly (Iraq)

Joint Base Balad (Iraq)

COP Shocker (Iraq)

Camp Bucca (Iraq)

FOB Sykes (Iraq)

Green Zone, Baghdad (Iraq)

Basra (Iraq)

Cheybassi (Tanuma) (Iraq)

Shannon Airport (Ireland)

Dimona Radar Facility (Israel)

Haifa (Israel)

Mashabim Air Base (Israel)

Site 51 (Israel)

Site 53 (Israel)

Sdot Micha (aka Tal Shahar), Beit Shemesh (Israel)

Augusta Bay (Italy)

Aviano Administration Annex Group HQ (Italy)

Aviano Air Base (Italy)

Aviano Ammunition Storage Annex (Italy)

Aviano Bachelor Housing Annex 1 (Italy)

Aviano Bachelor Housing Annex 2 (Italy)

Aviano Maintenance Annex (Italy)

Aviano Storage Annex (Italy)

Camp Darby (Italy)

Camp Ederle (Italy)

Carney Park (Italy)

Del Din (Italy)

Ghedi Radio Relay Site (Italy)

Lago Patria (Italy)

Livorno (Italy)

Livorno Supply and Maint Area (Italy)

Longare Communications Site (Italy)

NAS 1 Support Area (Italy)

NAS Pensacola Transmitter Site (Italy)

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NAS Sigonella (Italy)

NAS Sigonella Belpasso Hsg (Italy)


NSA Naples Support Site (Italy)

Pisa Ammo Storage Area (Italy)

San Vito Dei Normanni AS (Italy)

Vicenza Basic Load Storage Area (Italy)

Aviano AB Air Force Active Aviano (Italy)

Vigonovo Storage (Italy)

NSA Lamaddalena IT (Italy)

NAS Sigonella IT (Italy)

NAS Sigonella IT (NATO Magazine Area) (Italy)

Pisa, Italy (Italy)

Aviano Italy (Italy)

Catania Italy (Italy)

Coltano Troposcatter Site (Italy)

Cordenons Italy (Italy)

Sigonella Sicily Italy (Italy)

San Vito Normanni AB, Brindisi (Italy)

Livorno Training Area (Italy)

Pordenone Fam Hsg Site (Italy)

Maddalena, La, Sardinia (Italy)

Maniago Family Housing Site (Italy)

NSA Naples IT (Gaeta) (Italy)

NSA Naples IT (Italy)

NSA Gaeta (Italy)

Ghedi AB (Italy)

Akasaka Press Center (Japan)

Akizuki Ammunition Depot (Japan)

Awase Communication Site (Japan)

Camp Courtney (Japan)

Camp Fuji  (Japan)

Camp Gonsalves (Jungle Warfare Training Center) (Japan)

Camp Hansen /or/ MCB Camp S D Butler Okinawa JA (Camp Hansen-6011) (Japan)

Camp Kinser Marines (Japan)

Camp Lester /or/ MCB Camp S D Butler Okinawa JA (Camp Lester-6043) (Japan)

Camp McTureous (Japan)

Camp Schwab / or/ MCB Camp S D Butler Okinawa JA (Camp Schwab-6009) (Japan)

Camp Shields (Japan)

Camp Shields FH Annex/ or/ COMFLEACT Kadena Okinawa JA (Camp Shields) (Japan)

Camp Zama (Japan)

Camp Zama Communications Stn (Japan)

Chitose Administration Annex (Japan)

COMFLEACT Kadena Okinawa (Japan)

COMFLEACT Sasebo (Japan)

COMFLEACT Yokosuka (Japan)

Hachinohe POL Dep (Japan)

Idesuna Jima Air Range (Japan)

Ie Jima Aux Airfield /or/ MCB Camp S D Butler Okinawa JA (Ie Jima Aux Airfield) (Japan)

Ikego Housing Area (Japan)

Iwo Jima (Japan)

Kachin Hanto Area (Japan)

Kin Blue Beach (Japan)

Kisarazu-JGSDF (Japan)

Kure Pier 6 (Japan)

MCAS Futenma (Japan)

MCAS Iwakuni (Japan)

MCB Camp S D Butler (Japan)

Misawa AB (Japan)

Naha Port (Japan)

Naval Air Facility Atsugi (Japan)

Naval Air Facility Misawa (Japan)

Okuma Recreation Annex (Japan)

Sagami General Depot (Japan)

Sagamihara Family Housing Area (Japan)

Sakibe Navy Annex (Japan)

Sanno Hotel Tokyo (Japan)

Sasebo Annex/ or/ Navy Exchange – Sasebo (Japan)

Tengan Pier (Japan)

Tokorozawa Transmitter Site (Japan)

Tori Shima Air Range (Japan)

Torii Station (Japan)

White Beach Naval Facility (Japan)

Yokohama North Dock (Japan)

Yokohama North Dock Army (Japan)

Yokota AB (Japan)

Fukuoka (Japan)

Fussa (Japan)

Futenma, Camp Butler (Japan)

Gushikawa (Japan)

Henoko Okinawa/or/ MCB Camp S D Butler Okinawa JA (Henoko Ammo Area-6010) (Japan)

Kamiseya (Japan)

Koza (Japan)

Makiminato Okinawa (Japan)

Naha Okinawa (Japan)

Okinawa Island (Japan)

Onna Okinawa (Japan)

Sobe Okinawa (Japan)

Tana (Japan)

Tokorosana (Japan)

Totsuka (Japan)

Waco City (Japan)

Camp Shields Family Hsg Annex (Japan)

Camp Zukeran Family Hsg Annex (Japan)

MCB Camp S D Butler Okinawa JA (Gimbaru Trn Area-6017) (Japan)

Fort Buckner (Japan)

Yontan Airfield (Japan)

Fleet Activities Okinawa (Japan)

Fleet Activities Sasebo (Japan)

Fleet Activities Yokosuka (Japan)

US Army Garrison Okinawa Headquarter (Japan)

Maritime Self-Defense Force Kanoya Air Base (Japan)

US Navy Fuel Center Akasaki (Japan)

Chatan Okinawa Japan (Japan)

Okinawa Japan (Japan)

Sagamihara (Japan)

Al Mubarak AB (Kuwait)

Camp Arifjan (Kuwait)

Camp Buehring (Kuwait)

Camp Patriot (Kuwait)

Camp Virginia (Kuwait)

Khabari/Kheybari Military Crossing (Kuwait)

Shuaiba Naval Base (Kuwait)

Udairi Training Range (Kuwait)

Camp New York Army (Kuwait)

Camp Doha (Kuwait)

Camp Spearhead (Kuwait)

Ali Al Salem (Kuwait)

Ahmed Al Jaber (Kuwait)

Camp Bondsteel (Kosovo)

Camp Colbern, Hanamshi (South Korea)

Camp Greaves, Baekton (South Korea)

Camp Howze, Bonglichon (South Korea)

Camp Market, Bupyeong (South Korea)

Camp Page (South Korea)

Chechon (South Korea)

Chinhae (South Korea)

Inchon  (South Korea)

Kunsan (South Korea)

Kwangju (South Korea)

Masan (South Korea)

Munsan (South Korea)

Osan (South Korea)

Paju (South Korea)

Pochon (South Korea)

Pohang (South Korea)

Pusan (South Korea)

Pyeongtaek (South Korea)

Seoul (South Korea)

Songnam  (South Korea)

Suwon  (South Korea)

Taegu  (South Korea)

Taejon  (South Korea)

Taepeak  (South Korea)

Tong Du Chon  (South Korea)

Uijong Bu  (South Korea)

Waegwan  (South Korea)

Wonju (South Korea)

Yechon  (South Korea)

Yongchon  (South Korea)

Yongju  (South Korea)

Yongpyong (South Korea)

Yongsan  (South Korea)

Lielvarde AB (Latvia)

Sanem (Luxembourg)

Bettenbourg (Luxembourg)

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Bamako (Mali)

Gao (Mali)

Kwajalein Ronald Reagan Test Site (Marshall Islands)

Meck Island (Marshall Islands)

Omelek Island (Marshall Islands)

Roi-Namur Island (Marshall Islands)

Runit Dome (Marshall Islands)

US Army Kwajalein Atoll /or/ Bucholz Army Airfield (Marshall Islands)

Majuro Atoll (Marshall Islands)

Eniwetok Atoll (Marshall Islands)

Brunssum Support Site (Netherlands)

Eygelshoven Army Depot (Netherlands)

Hendrik Mine (Netherlands)

Schinnen Emma Mine (Netherlands)

USAG Schinnen (Netherlands)

Soesterberg (Netherlands)

Volkel AB, Uden (Netherlands)

Vriezenveen, NL (Netherlands)

Coevorden, NL (Netherlands)

Johannes Post Kaserne, Havelteberg (Netherlands)

Netherlands (Netherlands)

Rotterdam Netherlands (Netherlands)

Agadez (Niger)

Arlit (Niger)

Niamey Airport (Niger)

Maradi (Niger)

Ouallam (Niger)

Niger Air Base 201 (Niger)

9th RRC – Saipan (N. Mariana Islands)

American Memorial Park (N. Mariana Islands)

Farrallon De Medinilla (FDM) (N. Mariana Islands)

NAVBASE Guam Tinian (N. Mariana Islands)

Rota (N. Mariana Islands)

Tinian (N. Mariana Islands)

NAVBASE Guam (Saipan) (N. Mariana Islands)

Rygge (Norway)

Bodo (Norway)

Bratland (Norway)

Helgeland (Norway)

Jan Mayen Island (Norway)

Oerland (Norway)

Vadso (Norway)

Vardo (Norway)

Viksjofjellet (Norway)

Trondheim area (Norway)

Al Mussanah AB (Oman)

Masirah Island Mpt Site 1 (Oman)

Muscat International Airport (Oman)

NSA Bahrain – Masirah Island (Oman)

Port of Salalah (Oman)

Thumrait MAP (Oman)

Mina Qabus, Muscat (Oman)

Seeb International (Oman)

Thumrait AB (Oman)

Khasab AB (Oman)

Camp Katuu (Palau)

Isla Grande (Panama)

La Palma (Panama)

Puerto Obaldia (Panama)

Puerto Pina (Panama)

Punta Coco (Panama)

Summit (Panama)

Fort Amador, Panama (Panama)

Howard AFB (Panama)

Rodman NS (Panama)

Panama City, Panama (Panama)

Fort Grant, Panama (Panama)

Fort Sherman, Panama (Panama)

Fort Randolph, Panama (Panama)

Fort Clayton, Panama (Panama)

Fort Davis, Panama (Panama)

Colon (Panama)

Galeta Island (Panama)

Fort Kobbe, Panama (Panama)

Aguadulce Army Airfield (Panama)

Panama Canal NS (Panama)

Fort Gulick (Panama)

Albrook Air Force Base, Panama (Panama)

Coco Solo Naval Reservation, Panama (Panama)

Lima (Peru)

IMF Santa Rosa, Iquitos (Peru)

Tarapoto (Peru)

Puno (Peru)

Cecopaz, Ancon (Peru)

NAVMEDRSCHCEN Det Lima Peru (Peru)

Talara Air Field, Talara (Peru)

Callao, Peru (Peru)

Basa Air Base (Philippines)

Camp Navarro (Philippines)

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Camp Aguinaldo (Philippines)

Camp Malagutay (Philippines)

Clark Air Base (Philippines)

Naval Station Subic Bay (Philippines)

SF FOB Jolo (Philippines)

“Archipelago” CSL [loc? Sulu] (Philippines)

John Hay Air Station, Benguet Province (Philippines)

Wallace Air Station, La Union province (Philippines)

Naval Communications Stn., Zambala Province (Philippines)

Fort Santiago, Manila (Philippines)

Fort Drum (Philippines)

Cubi Point, NAS (Philippines)

John Hay Camp (Philippines)

Camp O’Donnell (Philippines)

Sangley Point/ Or/ Danilo Atienza Air Base / or/ Naval Station Sangley Point (Philippines)

Batangas (Philippines)

Lask (Poland)

Redzikowo (Poland)

Agualva Munitions Storage Annex (Portugal)

Caldeira Ammunition Storage Area (Portugal)

Cinco Picos Globecom Annex (Portugal)

Lajes Air Base (Portugal)

Lajes System Annex Site 1 (Portugal)

Lajes Field (Portugal)

Praia Da Victoria Dock Annex (Portugal)

Praia Da Victoria Fuel Storage Annex (Portugal)

Villa Nova Globecom Annex (Portugal)

Lajes Water System Annex (Portugal)

Lisbon, Portugal (Portugal)

Portugal (Portugal)

Ponta Delgada, Azores (Portugal)

Santa Maria Island (Portugal)

AMSA 161 (Puerto Rico)

Cabeza De Perro (Puerto Rico)

Cpt E Rubio Jr/Puerto Nuevo (Puerto Rico)

Fort Buchanan (Puerto Rico)

Low Frequency Transmitter Site Aguada (Puerto Rico)

MTA Camp Santiago Rq (Puerto Rico)

NG Fort Allen (Puerto Rico)

NSGA Sabana Seca (Puerto Rico)

Punta Borinquen Radar Site (Puerto Rico)

Punta Salinas Radar Site (Puerto Rico)

Ramey AF Solar Observatory Research Site (Puerto Rico)

Ramey USARC/Aguadilla (Puerto Rico)

Roosevelt Rds Nav Sta USARC (Puerto Rico)

Salinas N00207-JA (Puerto Rico)

Vieques West (Puerto Rico)

Culebra (Puerto Rico)

Caguas (Puerto Rico)

MCRC San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Fort Allen Coe No.43177 (Puerto Rico)

Lajas Radar Site (TARS No.16) (Puerto Rico)

NAS Jacksonville FL (Salinas Receiver Site) (Puerto Rico)

NAS Jacksonville FL (Isabela Puerto Rico) (Puerto Rico)

NAVACT Puerto Rico (Stop 7 1/2/Res Off Bch) (Puerto Rico)

1Lt P. Lavergne/Bayamon (Puerto Rico)

Al-Udeid Air Base (Qatar)

Camp As Sayliyah (Qatar)

Doha, As Sayliyah (Qatar)

Umm Said, Qatar (Qatar)

Camp Snoopy QA (Qatar)

Falcon-78 ASP, QA (Qatar)

Campia Turzii/ RoAF 71st Air Base (Romania)

Cincu Training Base (Romania)

Mihail Kogalniceanu Main Camp (Romania)

Smardan Training base (Romania)

Deveselu (Romania)

Babadag Training Base (Romania)

Dammam (Saudi Arabia)

Dhahran AB (Saudi Arabia)

Drone Base (Saudi Arabia)

Eskan Village Air Base (Saudi Arabia)

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Jubail (Saudi Arabia)

Prince Sultan AB (Saudi Arabia)

Yanbu (Saudi Arabia)

King Abdul Aziz Air Base (Saudi Arabia)

King Khalid Air Base (Saudi Arabia)

King Fahd Air Base (Saudi Arabia)

Riyadh Air Base (Saudi Arabia)

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Dakar (Senegal)

Singapore (Singapore)

NAVREGCONTRCTR Singapore (Singapore)

Sembawang (Singapore)

Tengah (Singapore)

Bosasso (Somalia)

Kismayo (Somalia)

Mogadishu (Somalia)

Baidoa (Somalia)

Berbera (Somalia)

Baledogle Airfield (Somalia)

Moron AB (Spain)

Naval Station Rota (Spain)

Estartit (Spain)

Guardamar del Segura (Spain)

El Casar del Talamanca (Spain)

Rota Naval Hospital (Spain)

Torrejon AB, Madrid (Spain)

Zaragoza AB (Spain)

Cartagena (Spain)

Al-Tanf 1 (Syria)

Rumeilan, Hasakah province (Syria)

Utapao Royal Thai Naval Air Station (Thailand)

Thakli (Thailand)

naval base [loc?] (Thailand)

Sidi Ahmed Air Base (Tunisia)

Mount Chaambi, Kasserine (Tunisia)

Bizerte (Tunisia)

Ankara Administration Office (Turkey)

Batman AB (Turkey)

Cigli AB (Turkey)

Incirlik AB (Turkey)

Izmir AB (Turkey)

Kurecik/. Kürecik Radar Station (Turkey)

Mus AB (Turkey)

Yumurtalik Petroleum Prod Storage Annex (Turkey)

Malatya AB, Erhac (Turkey)

Murted AB, Murted (Turkey)

Eskisehir AB, Eskisehir (Turkey)

Diyarbakir (Turkey)

Samsun/ Bombardment of Samsun (Turkey)

Karamursel / Karamursel AFB (Turkey)

Entebbe (Uganda)

Singo Training School (Uganda)

Al Dhafra Air Base (United Arab Emirates)

Fujairah Naval Base (United Arab Emirates)

Jebel Ali (United Arab Emirates)

Blenheim Crescent (United Kingdom)

Eriswell FH Annex (United Kingdom)

RAF Alconbury (United Kingdom)

RAF Barford St John Transmitter Annex (United Kingdom)

RAF Bicester (United Kingdom)

RAF Croughton (United Kingdom)

RAF Ely Famly Housing Annex (United Kingdom)

RAF Fairford (United Kingdom)

RAF Feltwel (United Kingdom)

RAF Lakenheath (United Kingdom)

RAF Menwith Hill (United Kingdom)

RAF Mildenhall (United Kingdom)

RAF Molesworth (United Kingdom)

RAF Molesworth Storage Annex 12 (United Kingdom)

RAF Oakhanger (United Kingdom)

RAF Welford Ammo Storage Area (United Kingdom)

RAF Upwood (United Kingdom)

Newmarket Fam Hsg Annex No 3 (United Kingdom)

RAF Shepherds Grove Family Hsg Annex (United Kingdom)

RAF Hythe (United Kingdom)

Lynn Wood Family Hsg (United Kingdom)

RAF Chelveston Fam Hsg Annex (United Kingdom)

NAVACT London UK (United Kingdom)

Bentwaters RAF (United Kingdom)

Bury St Edmunds (United Kingdom)

Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Greenham Common, RAF (United Kingdom)

Harrogate (United Kingdom)

Holy Loch NB (United Kingdom)

Ickenham (United Kingdom)

Loch Ryan, SCOTLAND (United Kingdom)

Thetford (United Kingdom)

Upper Heyford, RAF (United Kingdom)

Leeming AB (United Kingdom)

Hemswell, RAF (United Kingdom)

Boscombe Down AB (United Kingdom)

Brize Norton, RAF (United Kingdom)

Chicksands, RAF (United Kingdom)

Coltishall AB (United Kingdom)

Driffield, RAF (United Kingdom)

Flyingdales Moor, RAF (United Kingdom)

Marham AB, Marham (United Kingdom)

Odiham AB (United Kingdom)

Sculthorpe AB (United Kingdom)

St. Mawgan (Naval Aviation Weapons Fac. Det.) (United Kingdom)

Wethersfield, RAF (United Kingdom)

Woodbridge, RAF (United Kingdom)


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