Tuesday, 19 February , 2019


Hillary: In Other Words, More Camouflage, by Giulietto Chiesa

It was necessary to get rid of the idea of a bungling, inept president who spoke of speaking with God every morning, and who waged bloody wars, losing them all but hoisting himself up with the banner over mountains of cadavers. Written on the banner was “Mission Accomplished”. Let's take a look at which mission he accomplished now, after eight years of a Black, pacifistic president, so pacifistic that he garnered the Nobel Peace Prize before

USA – In praise of Riotous Assembly

With the Republican convention only days away, we will know soon enough what hell the feds, and the Forces of Order in “the rock and roll capital of the world,” will impose upon demonstrators and ordinary Clevelanders. Whatever they do, Hispanic protesters and Black Lives Matter militants will be hit the hardest – on general principles, and because the police have them in their sights.

Sanders booed by House Democrats

With the Democratic convention just weeks away, Sanders still hasn’t endorsed one-time rival Hillary Clinton and dodged questions about when he would during a tense meeting Wednesday morning with House Democrats.

SILENCE OF THE LEFT regarding Euro-Austerity and T-TIP, by Michael Hudson

The media in the United States have treated the British vote against remaining in the European Union (EU) as if it is populist “Trumpism,” an inarticulate right-wing vote out of ignorance at being left behind by the neoliberal economic growth policy. The fact that Donald Trump happened to be in Scotland

Who is afraid of Donald Trump

By Boris Kagarlitsky Against the backdrop of the numerous discussions of the political agenda, appearance, and vocabulary of the candidates running in the American presidential...

Noam Chomsky on the Breakdown of American Society

By J.C Polychroniou The US is facing uncertain times. While it remains the only global superpower, it is no longer able to influence events and...

Did the Press Take Down Bernie Sanders?

The rebellious nature of the Vermont senator's presidential bid didn't fit the mainstream media's predetermined scenario. BY NEAL GABLER Earlier this week, even before Hillary Clinton’s...

The future of Sanders’ political movement

Sanders Might Soon Be Out of the Race, But Not the Revolution Five ways to build on the momentum of the Bernie Sanders campaign and...

Why millennials love Bernie Sanders

By SOPHIA A. MCCLENNEN Polls show that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have trouble appealing to young voters.  In a recent study released by...

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

By George Monbiot Financial meltdown, environmental disaster and even the rise of Donald Trump – neoliberalism has played its part in them all. Why has...