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Как Германия уничтожает Грецию, Европу и … Германию!

Димитрис Константакопулос Афины, 19.10.2011   Греция находится на грани мятежа или революции, по крайней мере до тех пор, пока ее правительство продолжает отклонять ранние выборы, которые все...

How Germany destroys Greece, Europe and … Germany!

(a triumph for the empire of Lloyd Blankfein) By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos First Published: 19.10.2011 SUMMARY: Greece is on the verge of revolt or revolution, at least if...

How Germany destroys Greece, Europe and … Germany!

As for Berlin, the way it is handling the European crisis reveals the same pattern of strategic mistakes that contributed to its military defeats in World Wars I and II, the only difference being that in the 20th century we were engaged in military wars whereas now we are faced with all-out financial war.